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What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Inspection Services

Testimonials for Gold Shield Pro Services

Jason is not only knowledgeable and experienced but a true professional in his field. He is detail oriented and provides a thorough home inspection. Jason takes the time to educate the homebuyer as they move through the house together. He teaches them about the different mechanical systems and gives general maintenance recommendations. He is patient and personable and I highly recommend Jason to all of my homebuyers. I have not had a single client that was not completely satisfied with the service provided.

Michelle Corsi, Howard Hanna Realtor

Jason has conducted many home inspections for me over the past several years. When I have a first-time home buyer I love when they use Jason because he takes the time and care to educate my buyer about the proper maintenance of their first home. When Jason has conducted an inspection for my for out-of-town investors he prepares a detailed report, including photos, to be sure that the investor, who often has not seen the house for themselves, understands its exact condition and knows what exactly what they are buying. Jason is professional, personable, thorough and reasonable. I never hesitate to recommend him to my clients.

Colleen Bracci, Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker

About a year ago I began noticing condensation on my bedroom ceilings. I had NO idea what the cause was but the problem kept getting worse and worse. I began calling contractors to assess the problem and was informed that the cause was the improper venting/insulation in my attic. However, none of the contractors did a full overview of my home or took the time to thoroughly inspect my attic. I realized I needed to pursue this issue further with the company who had originally done my insulation, yet I was getting nowhere with the original contractor. That is when a friend referred me to Jason Lyle.

I called Jason and explained to him my situation. Despite his busy schedule, Jason was kind enough to visit my home that same day! I contacted Jason because I wanted my entire home inspected to ensure there were no other underlying issues. His customer service was amazing as well as his skill and knowledge of homes. Jason worked with me to prepare a report that would properly outline the problems within my home and attic space. He was the only one willing to spend time photographing and crawling around my attic space to search out the root of the problem. Due to his thorough investigation, he uncovered another problem of mold which had not been properly identified prior to his visit.

Jason went above and beyond my expectations in inspecting my home and following up with prompt reports and photos. His hard work ended up making a real difference in my case. He also provided me with names of trusted contractors he personally recommended to complete the work on my home. Jason was always willing to spend extra time offering advice and tips and never made me feel like I was a bother. I would highly recommend Jason and Gold Shield Pro Services to others!

Krista Juliana, Home Owner

Gold Shield Pro Services

Jason Lyle

Jason Lyle
NY License Number #16000047851
New York State Mold Assessor License #01239
(585) 662-7725

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