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Pest Inspection at Gold Shield Pro Services, LLC

I am a New York State Certified Pesticide Technician 

We look for wood destroying insectsI such as termites, carpenter ants, wood destroying Bees, and any other signs of insect damage or activities.  If you suspect of a pest problem, don't kid yourself - more than just eating your food and keeping you up at night, these pests can also spread disease and cause severe structural damage to your home.

Specializing in wood destroying insects, we are committed to giving homeowners the peace of mind that comes with freedom from pests. Using the latest methods and technology, we perform a complete evaluation of the access points in your home or business to accurately assess the situation and make recommendations to prevent any future invasions.

Pest Inspection normally takes place at the time of the general home inspection, however we also offer this as an independent service. Wood destroying insects multiply rapidly and can cause unseen damage, so call us (585-737-3008) before your small problem becomes a big one. Estimates are free!